Art is produced when creativity is expressed
utilizing techniques that have been learned and perfected. 
I have worked for over thirty years to develop the skills
that allow me to create three dimensional creations out
of a variety of wood and stone.

My earliest work was done in wood, producing
various styles of carvings. I discovered that I was able to effectively transfer objects and shapes in nature to wood. Wood remains one of my favorite media to work with due to its huge variety of colors, textures and ease of working.

I have recently added alabaster to the media
that I use, and love the feel and look of the finished product. The colors and translucency of alabaster make it a wonderful media for turning a range of vessels that can be further carved, shaped and textured to result in one-of-a-kind creations.  The combination of
alabaster stone with wood accents leaves unlimited opportunity to explore contrasting colors and textures in a variety of shapes.

  Dave Hiller 

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